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Good News 4 Every one

“Your Lord has decreed mercy upon Himself. If anyone among you commits evil because of ignorance and thereafter repents and mends his ways; you will find Allah Forgiving, Merciful.”(Qur’an;6:54)

“.. Indeed virtues remove evils. This is a reminder for the mindful.”(Qur’an;11:114)

“our Lord, forgive us our sins, as well as those of our brethren who preceded us in faith.” (Qur’an, “Al-Hashr” 59:10)

The concept of sin in Islam is different from that in most, if not all other religions:

Islam views the whole issue of disobedience and sin in a different way. Its attitude always holds the prospect of forgiveness and reward. A good work is rewarded ten times as against a sin.  According to Islam, a sin is an action which constitute the violation of Islamic teachings. The action may not be more than the utterance of certain words, as in the case of backbiting or perjury. Therefore, any action or word, which involves disobedience to Allah and His messenger, is a sin. Anyone of us who, at the end of any particular day in his life, examines what he may have said or done is bound to come to the conclusion that he has committed several sins. If the feeling of guilt lingers with us for a long while, and increases day after day, then life will acquire a very gloomy aspect. We will feel that we have no hope of salvation. Our sins can only increase and they will inevitably do away with our good deeds.

But this is not how Islam views the whole issue of disobedience and sin. Its outlook constantly embrace the prospect of forgiveness and reward. To start with, any good action or kind word, which we may do or say, will be credited to us. It will earn us a reward and the cumulative effect of our reward will erase at least a commensurate number of our sins. Moreover, a good is given a reward, which is equivalent to at least ten times its value. A sin or an act of disobedience is recorded at its simple value. Therefore, a small act of kindness erases a sin, which is ten times more serious.


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