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Pakistan and Around ارد گرد پاکستان

Pakistan and Around ارد گرد پاکستان

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کالم ، رائے ، خبر ، تبصرے اور اور ارد گرد پاکستان
Our ancestors expelled foreign colonial rulers in 1947 after great struggle and sacrifices, but oppressors are backthrough their proxies.  Break all shackles of slavery, regain your independence and dignity! We have enormous potentials, choose  competent and honest leadership.  Freedom is Priceless

No spin zone: The un-sweet smell of success: Just to update the President of Pakistan on where his people, whom he says he loves fiercely and serves unselfishly, stands on the Human Development Index today in case he is unaware: His country’s 54 per cent of population lives in “Intense deprivation of basic necessities of life” like education, health, sanitation and good standard of living! In case Prime Minister Gilani, who too ‘loves’ Pakistan passionately, does not know what a human development index is, let me simplify it by saying that out of 135 countries whose standard of living was gauged by the UNDP, Pakistan stands just 10 countries above the worst in the world! Last year we stood at 123rd position. Today our number has fallen to 125. Pakistan is one of the poorest, deprived, starved, sick, illiterate and filthy countries in the world.




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