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Treking with Adam to Moses through Bible and Qur’an

Abraham is the common ancestor of three great faiths; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The narratives of creation and life of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph to Moses [All great prophets, may peace be upon them all] are very similar in Bible and Qur’an being from the same source, the Revelations from God. Exploring the lands where the Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and Moses lived or traveled as mentioned in Torah [First Five books of Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)] with additional captions from Qur’an highlight the commonalities for batter understanding for interfaith harmony. In this series of 3 vides, Part-1 covers from Adam to Ishmael, Isaac till Jacob [peace be upon them]. Part 2 covers Joseph’s move to Egypt, his rise to power followed by migration of Jacob, his father and 11 brothers [66 Hebrews from Palestine to Egypt, adding 4 Joseph’s family, total 70], over 400 years of stay in Egypt, till the time of Moses. Part 3 is related with Moses, Pharaoh, migration of 600,000 Hebrews [or 600 families, around 20,000 heads?] wandering in Sinai for 40 years till death of Moses. Part 2 & 3 will be compiled in due course.

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The Messengers




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